Gettin’ figgy with it (Fig-Prosiutto Pizza)

Last night for dinner, we made a super easy fig pizza from The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook: Ingredients: 1 pizza dough (Martin’s refrigerated dough is supper yummy!!) 1/2 cup fig spread or fig preserves Kosher salt 12 ounces of mozzarella (I used 8 ounces and it was plenty!!) 8 ounces of prosciutto (I used about 3 … Continue reading

Strike Two (Mediterranean Salad)

One more strike and I think I’ll be an official blogger 🙂 My morning was eaten up by unpacking, watching the Olympics, and showering.  Unpacking took way longer than I thought!!  By the time I was done unpacking I had worked myself up an appetite. (p.s. While watching the olympics this morning, I saw rhythmic … Continue reading

Strike One (Overnight Oats For Breakfast)

Since getting back from Argentina, after being there for a month, I have decided to get my life back on track. And what better way than to document the process… so this is my first strike at blogging! Last night was my first night back and I got a relatively good night of sleep considering … Continue reading