Strike Two (Mediterranean Salad)

One more strike and I think I’ll be an official blogger 🙂

My morning was eaten up by unpacking, watching the Olympics, and showering.  Unpacking took way longer than I thought!!  By the time I was done unpacking I had worked myself up an appetite. (p.s. While watching the olympics this morning, I saw rhythmic gymnastics for the first time… quite interesting actually. But I think I still like gymnastics the best :))

For lunch I had a makeshift of a salad.

Salad included: Baby arugula, carrot chips, diced bell peppers, and… half of a mediterranean spinach and chickpea pattie!! (The patties are available at Cosco, and I have to say that are very flavorful)

Dressing: Balsamic vinaigrette

On the side I had some blue corn chips and some apple slices… I don’t know what makes them so good, but the apple slices at Martins are the best!

To go along with my lunch… I read the Better homes & Garden that I had waiting for me when I got home along with many others from last month 🙂

I don’t know what sounds more appealing for the late afternoon : a session of some dearly missed Pilates or watching some more olympics!  Hmmmm… we will have to see.  Ciao for now.


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